Student Blogging

The students in the grade 6 and 5/6 class will soon be trying out their own blogs. We have set up a site where every student in the class can create and respond to each others blogs. We have decided that as we get started this will be a private class only blog. No one outside of our room will be able to view what we are posting. What we would like to eventually do is open up our class blog to parents and possibly the public as well. We would like to work with the students first on understanding what makes a good blog and a good response. Mr. Couros will also be coming in to do a cyber-bullying presentation with both classes.

Visit the sites below if you would like to see how other teachers are using blogs and some ideas for safe and responsible blogging.

Ipods in the Classroom

Recently we have seen a change in our classroom. Students ae no longer having their ipods and mp3 players taken away for listening to them in class. Personal music players are now allowed during independent work times. Together our class came up with rules for using personal music players in class. Here  is what we came up with…

   * when someone is talking, both earphones are out of your ears

   *only you should be able to hear your music

    *you are responsible for your own devices 

    *other teacher’s rules need to be respected, “But Miss Aronyk lets us…” should never be heard

     *Three strike rule in effect, if I need to remind people of rules three times devices will be banned for one month.

I would like to hear what parents and students think of this new addition to our class.


Here goes… everyone bare with me as the teacher becomes the student. This is my first attempt into the world of blogging. I am excited to see what this adds to our class! Let me know how you think we can use this blog in our classroom. Also, do any of you already blog?